School Uniforms

Irving students wear school uniforms!
  • Any color Irving School T-shirt (Navy, Black, Red, Gray)
  • Short sleeve or long sleeve polo shirt (Red, White, Navy, Black)
  • Short sleeve or long sleeve button down shirt (Red, White, Navy, Black)
  • Pants (Black, Navy, or Khaki)
  • Shorts (Black, Navy, or Khaki)
  • Jumpers (Black, Navy, or Khaki)
  • Skirts/ Skorts (Black, Navy, or Khaki)
  • Tennis shoes or other closed-toe shoes suitable for participation in recess or Physical Education Class
Not Allowed:

  • May NOT be made of ANY stretch or form fitting material (yoga pants, sweat pants, leggings)

  • May NOT wear any color of jeans unless it’s a special dress day.  

  • May NOT have a logo on the shirt other than the Irving logo.

  • May NOT wear open-toed shoes.

  • This list in not all inclusive.  Irving leadership may question other uniform options that interfere with learning.  In that case, they will contact the parent to discuss the issues.

If your student is unable to meet the uniform requirement on any day, please contact the office that morning at 549-7570.  If you are having trouble acquiring the necessary uniform, please contact our Community Advocate at 549-7570.