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posted Oct 1, 2017, 6:23 PM by Christina Benavidez

All kids who attend school on October 2, 2017 will be in for a fun day!  We are going to have a drawing; the prizes are: school hoodies and shirts,  two scooters, helmets and protective gear for one girl and one boy.  Also, every child who attends will get a popsicle at the end of the day.

GOAL:  Our goal is to get 100% of the kids to school.  We want to have the best attendance of all elementary schools for the month of October.

There are only 13 school days in October, and our goal is perfect attendance for every student. Each month we reward kids that have perfect attendance.  If your child missed a day last month, they still have a chance for perfect attendance the next month.  There are 143 students who did not miss a single day in September.  Great Job!!!!

The classroom with the best attendance for the month will be rewarded. They will have a classroom party to celebrate their attendance. Last month, Mrs. Sackett’s room enjoyed a popcorn party, thanks to PTSO!  In September, Mrs. Cortese’s class won with 96.16% of her students in attendance.  Great Job!!!!

Starting in October we are also rewarding the class with the most improved attendance. The classroom party will be either pizza, ice cream or popcorn.   Mrs. McNierney had an increase of 4.06% this month from last month.  Great Job!!!!

Did you know that students with good/perfect attendance have a higher success rate with graduating from high school?

We need to have a great October attendance rate.  Please call Mr. Patterson at 549-7570 if you have any questions or concerns about attendance.

Every child deserves a champion - an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists that they become the best that they can be.

Rita Pierson